Owners FAQs

Note: Owners questions may be paraphrased or edited. Questions may be those “frequently asked” or of a general nature or interest to all members of the Reef Association.
 Question 1: Has consideration been given to an owner’s discussion link, such as a bulletin board type discussion log, where all owners can view any question raised and the resulting answers and comments?

Answer 1:  As stated, one of our goals is to enhance communication between the Reef Board and Management and Reef owners. Our FAQ section here is just one tool we are using. We are not prepared or equipped or have the resources at this time to support any type of “discussion link or log” among the owners.

Question 2:   Is it permitted to reserve  deck chairs or lounges by leaving towels on them.

Answer 2:  The pool area is first come first serve and if you leave your towels they will be removed to allow others to use the area. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Reef Ocean Resort, Vero Beach